In order to achieve this functionality, you must have Ariela version 1.4.2 at least installed on your phone / tablet.

How it works:

Ariela will be informed of the server IP using the notify service. Please note that you will still need to have your server accessible from the internet via port forwarding. Here is a link that can help you find out how to port forward your Home Assistant server:


  1. Create the IP server sensor

Edit your configuration.yaml file and add following lines:

Check your configuration and restart the HA server. If everything is ok you should be able to find a new sensor called “sensor.public_ip_address”

2. Create automation that will inform Ariela about your Home Assistant server IP

Go to Home Assistant -> Configuration -> Automations -> Click on Add automation

Click on start with an empty automation button

Write your automation name and description:

As the trigger, put trigger type to be state and the entity id to be the newly entity created:

As action we will use call service action type and the notify service:

Service data must be something similar with:

This will tell Ariela to update the Home Assistant server IP based on newly information.

At this point you are done, click save.

If everything went ok then you will be able to see something similar in the automation list:

Note: you may want to click on execute at least once. Doing like this you will be able to send at this point your server IP to Ariela.

You are done! Now Ariela will always know your server IP address and will be able to connect to it!