This feature is available in 2 ways:

  • available from the system menu
  • available from long pressing the Home button key (Assistant Mode)

Ariela: Quick Launch – System Menu

In order to have this function enabled, open your system menu, and based on your phone click button order or the edit button.

Once the edit menu is visible, find the Ariela icon and drag it to the main system icons. After this step, the Ariela Quick Launch feature will be enabled and ready to be used.

By default, Ariela Quick Launch will show you all Home Assistant entities. You can select the visible items on this screen by going to Ariela – Settings – Ariela Quick Launch – Displayed Items.

Check this video on how you can enable the Quick Launch feature:

Ariela: Quick Launch – Assistant Mode

In order to enable Ariela: Quick Launch assistant mode, go to Ariela -> Settings -> Ariela: Quick Launch. Once you open those settings, click on the “Enable Assistant Mode” Settings.

If everything goes fine, the “Default Apps” system settings screen should appear:

Click on “Device Assistant app” option and select Ariela as your default device assistance app:

Here is also a video you can watch in order to see how you can enable the Ariela assistant mode feature: