Learn how to control Home Assistant from Android Wear smartwatch and Ariela.

1.0 Setup

After installing and configuring Ariela on your smartwatch, go to Settings -> Ariela Wear (watch).

Before continue, be sure that your Android Wear smartwatch has the screen on and its unlocked. Once that is confirmed, on your phone click “Install Wear OS app” option from Ariela. If everything went ok, something like this should appear on your phone.

On the smartwatch, click “Install”.

Once the installation is complete click open:

And you are done! Now you will be able to control Home Assistant from your Android Wear smartwatch.

Here is also a small video with the Android Wear Ariela setup:

2.0 Choosing Android Wear display entities.

By default, Ariela on your Android Wear smartwatch will display all available Home Assistant entities.

If you want to choose the entities you want to display, Go to Ariela on your phone -> Settings -> Ariela Wear (watch).

Click on Android Wear Entities function.

Now choose the entities you want to display on your Android Wear.