Because Ariela must support so many versions of Android, so many versions of Home Assistant and configurations, there are cases when the application will not work as intended so issues like crashes, entities not shown etc could happen. In order to discover what the problem is, a debug mode was implemented in Ariela. When that mode is enabled, Ariela will going to write required informations to the phone memory in a file called “ariela_logfile.log”

1.0 Enabling debug mode

In order to enable debug mode, open Ariela -> Settings -> Scroll down to the end where you should see an entry called “Debug mode”.

When you will going to click on the Debug mode to enable, its possible that Ariela will going to request accessing the phone memory. That permission is required in order to write the log file and its only used for that purpose. After the enabling of the debug mode is done, you can restart the app.

After the application is restarted, try to reproduce the issue you find before. Once you reproduced it, use the build in contact function from the application. The contact option is used to send a email to me and it will automatically attach the logfile.

2.0 Installing non Google Play debug application

It is possible that you cannot access Ariela settings in order to enable the debug mode. This means it will be impossible to send the log file. In order to “avoid” this situation, a non Google Play version of the app that have the DEBUG mode activated by default can be downloaded and installed manually. This version will going to write to the log file from the moment the application starts and of course its possible that the application to request the phone memory access, but like i said before, this is only used to store the log file.

Download the debug mode activated Ariela app from here: