As you may know, most of the updates sent by Ariela require the app to be running at least in the background (even if Ariela wakes up at some times in order to send updates). Because of this, sometimes, the app could consume a lot of battery and mobile data. In order to fix this issue, you may choose to stop it. By doing this, Ariela updates will be limited by the Android system, resulting in having device_tracker updates or sensors updates delayed.

Starting with Ariela version, a notify system was implemented that you could use to “wake” Ariela even if it’s not currently running. This system uses mobile_app notify or HANotify in order to wake up the device.

How it is working

This new method of waking up Ariela to send a certain update its using notify service. As you may know, the notify service it’s requiring a message in order to properly work. Usually, when Ariela receives a firebase notification, it will be going to show an notification, but if certain message values are used, we can also use this service to create custom updates.

The above picture shows an example of a service call, that when called will going to inform Ariela that a notification with the message “This is a test example” will be shown.

Like I told above, we can use a custom message in order to trigger some Ariela updates. Currently implemented custom messages are:

MessageDescriptionAvailable since version
message_battery_sensor_updateUse this custom message in order to tell Ariela to update the mobile_app battery sensor1.3.7.8
message_device_tracker_updateUse this custom message in order to tell Ariela to update the mobile_app device tracker entity1.3.7.9

Example script triggering device tracker update

Example use the developer tools to trigger battery update

For more details about this function or for requesting more updates custom messages, please use the option or the Contact option from Ariela.