1.0 Setup

You can enable this sensor in order to send notification information’s received from other apps (eg: Messenger, Facebook, Skype etc) to Home Assistant.

In order to enable this sensor go to Ariela -> Settings -> Sensors and check for “Notification Grabber”. If you enable this sensor and Ariela do not have permission to intercept the notifications, a screen similar with this should appear:

If you agree, press continue and the fallowing screen should appear:

Search for Ariela, and enable the access.

Note: This addon will not going to work if the notifications permissions are not enabled for Ariela

2.0 Home Assistant setup

MQTT: If you have the MQTT discovery already enabled, the new sensor should be already discovered by Home Assistant. But if this is not happening you can always do the manual setup. In order to see the sensor configuration that needs to be set in the configuration.yaml, go to Ariela -> Settings -> Sensors, and click the info button from the Notification Grabber sensor. If all ok something like this should appear:


In order to have this sensor working with mobile_app component, HA version 0.92 or later must be installed. Once you click the checkbox for mobile_app, the sensor will auto-register with HA if not already done that. You can check if the sensor was registered by going to Home Assistant -> Configuration -> Entity Registry. Note that if you delete the integration from Home Assistant, the sensor will have to be re-registered from Ariela, else the any updates from Ariela will not going to work.

3.0 Available sensor attributes

titleString, notification title
messageString, notification message
packageNameString, the package name of the application that triggered the notification