Ariela has build in application device sensor, informations which can be send to Home Assistant. Once this sensor is enabled it will send a list with all applications installed on the device (informations which contain app name & application package). You can use this sensor to fill input_select entities and from there to start applications from the device. Example: you will be able to start Netflix from Home Assistant.

In order to enable Apps MQTT device informations, go to Ariela -> Settings -> MQTT Sensors.

If the discovery is enabled in the MQTT Home Assistant configuration file the new sensor should be automatically discovered. If not, click on the 3 dots button from the Apps Sensor entry in order to see sensor implementation.

JSON Attributes


this will be a JSON array containing all apps names installed on the device


this will be a JSON array containing the package name of each application. Note, the item number x from apps_names will have the package name of the item number x from apps_packages


Integer, which represents the number of items from the apps_names / app_packages list

Starting application from Home Assistant

In order to start an application on the phone from your Home Assistant, MQTT will going to be used.

This example will going to start Kodi on your device.

In order to find out the topic go to Ariela -> Settings -> MQTT sensors and click on the dots from the Apps sensor.

The payload is the package name you want to start (you can see the packages in the apps_packages attributes.

Example starting Kodi from Home Assistant:

  alias: Run Kodi
  - data:
      payload: org.xbmc.kodi
      topic: homeassistant/sensor/android_galaxy_s8__apps/startapp
    service: mqtt.publish