Ariela has a build in Phone Call State MQTT sensor. This means that once is enabled, this sensor will send to Home Assistant any change detected in the phone call state. For example, Home Assistant will be able to know when your device is in a phone call and you create cool automations based on that information.

In order to enable Phone Call State MQTT sensor, you will have to setup the connection to MQTT broker (if you didn’t do it already). For more information about MQTT broker setup, please check

Once the MQTT broker setup is complete, go to Ariela -> Settings (find MQTT entry) and click on sensors. Once you click on the sensors entry a screen similar to this should appear:

The only thing to do now is to enable the call state sensor. Usually the Ariela’s MQTT sensors will be automatically detected by Home Assistant, but if its not you can use fallowing configuration in order to add it:

- platform: mqtt
: homeassistant/sensor/replace_id/state
: {{ value_json.state }}
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Also you can see the implementation instructions by clicking the Call State sensor. A dialog similar to this one should appear:

The state value of the json can have the fallowing values:

  • idle – no phone call in progress
  • ringing – a phone call was initiated
  • offhook – a phone call is in progress