In order to enable MQTT client in Ariela, go to Ariela -> Settings and search for MQTT entry.

After you find the MQTT entry, click on “Enable MQTT Sensors”.

In order to have the sensors automatically discovered by Home Assistant, your MQTT entry in configuration.yaml should have the discovery tag set to true.

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  discovery: true
  discovery_prefix: homeassistant

MQTT Clients

Ariela has build in 2 MQTT clients:

a) Home Assistant – which is in fact a MQTT client that its using Home Assistant services to communicate with your MQTT broker

b) Build-In – which is an actually MQTT client.


  1. If you choose to use the Home Assistant MQTT client, there is no need to setup the MQTT client. Only the build-in MQTT client needs to be configured in order to access the MQTT broker.
  2. Some of the MQTT sensors are only working with the Build-In MQTT client (see camera sensor)

Build-In MQTT Client configuration

In order to configure Build-In MQTT client, go to Settings -> MQTT and click on “Configure build-in MQTT Client” option. If all ok, something like this screen should appear:

Note that an internal IP address is required in order to setup the MQTT client, so if that is missing you can also put the external IP address.

If you are using a connection which is secured, your IP addresses should start with “ssl://”.

Once the connection is successful, go to Ariela main screen and use the exit function in order to restart the app. Some MQTT sensors will need this step to be done in order to fully register with Home Assistant or update current state.