How cool it will be to control and view your Home Assistant devices directly on your phone launcher without opening Ariela. Do not worry, Ariela is supporting this feature already.

1.0 Setup

In order to add a Home Assistant widget, just search for Ariela in the widgets selection screen, and the fallowing screen should appear:

Once this screen is shown, you can also choose the option to show the entities as group (sensors, devices etc).
After you select an entity a new screen will appear. This screen will give you the option to select the widgets text size.

2.0 Notes

a) The widgets can be resized
b) All the widgets respond to the click event. For example if you click on a switch widget, then Ariela will send a switch command for that entity ( if the entity is off, Ariela will send on command), the covers will open / close, and the thermostat will open temperature control screen. All other widgets like sensors will going to update its state when click happens.