Out of the box, Ariela support the device tracking capabilities. This means you will be able to see where is your own phone, family and any other devices

1. Setup

In order to enable device tracker functionality in Home Assistant first you will have to enable the component. To do that, be sure you have the fallowing entry in your Home Assistant configuration.yaml file:


If this entry is already there you can start opening Ariela, if not apply this entry, save the modifications and restart your Home Assistant server.

If everything went fine, open Ariela and you should see something similar in your home dashboard:

If your device do not appear here, do not worry its very possible that the Device Tracking capabilities is disabled from Ariela Settings. To enable Device Tracking from Ariela settings, just open the left menu drawer, click Settings. When the Settings screen appear, find the Device Tracking option and enable it.

2.  Location updates

As you may know, GPS location retrieval can be very inefficient and could consume your phone battery very quickly. In order to avoid such situations, 2 options has been added:

a) updates period

b) updates position

Updates Period:

Choose the minimum interval at which Ariela should request GPS position in order to send it to the Home Assistant. Lower value you can put is 30 seconds and higher one is 1 hour. Choosing a value of for example 1 minute means that Ariela will try to retrieve GPS coordinates every 1 minute.

Updates Position:

Another option which you can use to minimize the battery drawing is by setting the position in meters. This option will make Ariela to update Home Assistant device tracking by number of meters of change detected. Here you can choose values from 1 meter to 500 meters.

3. Battery Level

Beside location monitoring, using device tracking component Ariela will also send device battery level.

This means you can create cool sensors that will track devices battery.

Here is an example of device battery sensor:

  - platform: template
        friendly_name: My Phone Battery
        unit_of_measurement: '%'
        value_template: >-
            {%- if states.device_tracker.PHONE_DEVICEID.attributes.battery %}
                {{ states.device_tracker.PHONE_DEVICEID.attributes.battery|round }}
            {% else %}
                {{ states.sensor.battery_samsung.state }}
            {%- endif %}
        device_class: battery

Note: PHONE_DEVICEID is the entity id saved in the known_devices.yaml file.

4.  Troubleshooting

If the device still do not appear in Ariela or Home Assistant, try deleting known_devices.yaml(do not forget to make a copy of that before) and restart Home Assistant.

Note: When changing device name / id from Ariela, the old entry of the device must be deleted from known_devices.yaml

Note: The device name in Ariela, must not contain special characters like “(“, “)”, “}”, space etc.