Why Ariela is the best Home Assistant Android front end

Here is some of the Ariela features that make it the best Android frontend for the Home Assistant.

Device Tracker

Integrated device tracker will help you track family members, use the location to create automation's like: "open garage door" when detecting you at home.

Push Notifications

Build-in push notifications support. Receive events from your Home Assistant server, and send a new command as easy like snapping the fingers.

Automatic reconnection

Ariela will detect if you are running on the home Wi-Fi or not, avoiding in this way sending your server credentials to unknown networks. Setting up external access will allow connecting to your server from any network using required credentials.


Here are some usefull informations on how you can use Ariela to make your Home Assistant experience a pleasent one.

Apps MQTT sensor

In this document you will be able to learn how to use Home Assistant to start application on the android device Ariela is running


Ariela has build in Bluetooth device sensor, informations which can be send to Home Assistant to automate things when the Phone get’s connected to another Bluetooth device, it’s state changes etc or even detect device Read more…

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